IMAG1102My Aha Moment

Recently I have found out an important truth. Motorcycling should be FUN! I realized that I was considering myself a "serious" rider and had a pretty nice bike (Triumph Sprint ST), but it was only good at one thing. Going fast. I was tired and sore at times and would chalk that up to "it's just how riding is". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that bike for sure.

But then I rode a Triumph Bonneville and everything changed! Not on some test ride for five minutes, I road it 1200 over 3 days! This bike is good at just about everything and is all day comfortable (unlike my other bikes). Around town, open road, wherever. Love this bike. Every time I get on it, first thing: A Big Stupid Grin.

But my wife asked about getting her Bonnie back this spring, so I purchased a used 2004 BMW r1150r Rockster. It's the orange tiger stripe looking thing and as I have just reached the place where I am comfortable on it and feel like I know the bike, I am really liking it quite a bit. It's right in between a Bonnie and something more serious like the Sprint. Figure I'll give it a season or two and go from there.
Bmw r1150r Rockster

Don't get hung up

The biggest thing is just having fun and being able to do whatever ride with whatever bike. No need to wait until you have the "right gear" and "right bike", just Get Out and Ride!

Personal Philosophy

My Touring Rig. Bike, Bag, Big Ass Smile - Triumph Bonneville SEAs it pertains to riding, we need to get out of promoting "reaching a level" and start promoting just getting out there and doing it. If I can ride multiple multi-day tours on a Triumph Bonneville, why does the industry keep telling me I need an adventure touring bike or a sport touring bike, a GPS, hard cases, four sets of gear, etc, to do so?

I don't have anything against any of those bikes. I had a Sprint ST for a while and could imagine a Versys or Tiger or something one day. But the industry is so driven toward making big sales numbers that the message for new riders is spend money first, prepare to the nines, then prepare some more....as if we're all going "the long way 'round".

Get any motorcycle you can find/afford or one you "just like" and hit the road. Go for an hour, a day, a weekend or a week. Don't be afraid to "tour" on a bike that isn't "made" for it. They are all made for it.

I would think the industry would benefit from having more people riding, but that's just me.

Personal Stuff

I am a father of two boys and husband of one woman. I taught Advanced Greek Exegesis at Tacoma Bible College for around thirteen years. I am owner of Envision Design Solutions, a web design and marketing company focused on small businesses and organizations and co-owner of Mobi Creative Inc, a company I started with a long time friend, we're still figuring out what we want to do.

And, I am fully convinced that "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is hands down the best five book trilogy ever written.